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Blogs are a fantastic way to provide quality content to your audience. Below is a guest post written for Volunteer Toronto’s industry targeted blog, Inspiring Action, where I share my digital marketing and communications expertise with small groups who have little—or no—budgets. 

• 5 Tips and 5 Totally Free Tools to Elevate Your Digital Presence (click here for to view on VT's site)

• Check out my personal blog here:


• Quiz: 6 Volunteer Personality Types

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Media Advisories

• Media Advisory, VECTor Conference - November 1, 2017

• Media Advisory, Craft Your Change - May 21, 2018


In addition to creating the layout and logo and for Ballyhoo! Push Pin Media's "SPOTLIGHT" series, I also researched and wrote the profiles. 

• SPOTLIGHT: Famous Toronto Publicist Sue Edworthy

• SPOTLIGHT - Valentine's Day Special: Lovelocks

• SPOTLIGHT - Black History Month Special: A Different Booklist's Itah Sadu 

• SPOTLIGHT: Spirit of Toronto founder Johanna Ngoh

Reviews & Listings

Theatre Review: Letters To The Universe

Theatre Review: Feathers of Fire 

For weekly listings and more reviews, check out my author page at!

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